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Straight from the Source

Mary Ellen is an extremely effective teacher. She has improved both my Pilates technique and the way I approach the method. She never simply takes you through a sequence. Mary Ellen teaches with great attention to detail and repetition to make sure each movement’s impetus is originating from the correct place. I always feel encouraged yet challenged when working with her. In COVID times, she brings great variation and a sense of fun to her classes, to keep students engaged. In short, she is the best!


Mary Ellen is outstanding at providing her students just what they need in any given moment. Her intuition and observational skill enable her to be a kind, warm and re-assuring presence when you’re struggling with a new concept or working hard. And she balances that gentleness with high standards and a firm encouragement to stretch for your best.

Like the ultimate goals of the Pilates practice itself, Mary Ellen demonstrates flexibility in her creative approach to teaching and strength in the structure of her lesson and clarity of her

Plus, she’s the nicest damn person in the world.


Having always preferred in-person exercise instruction, I’m surprised by the ease with which I’ve transitioned to exercising over Zoom during COVID.  In no small way that has to do with Mary Ellen’s gift for teaching.  As much as I miss being in the studio, I appreciate Mary Ellen’s ability to convey, with ease, the subtleties of Pilates.  She’s easy to follow, gives clear prompts and cues and makes working out at home an enjoyable option.


"I truly cannot thank you enough for such a wonderful session.  I’ve had some rather disappointing experiences with “Pilates” in Western Mass, but to finally find a true Pilates instructor and studio is so refreshing I can’t even begin to tell you.  I feel absolutely amazing and just walked around aimlessly when I got home because it was so amazing not having back pain.  Pilates is undoubtedly my favorite activity and something that I hated not having in my life.  I could go on forever, but thank you so so much.  


As long as you're open, I’m a client! I truly cannot say enough good things and I’m very much looking forward to working with you more."


Through her professional excellence and personal kindness, Mary Ellen has had an enormous impact on my physical and mental well-being.  I am grateful to her for helping me to feel confident and strong.  She has taught me about connecting my breath to exercise and has helped me improve my concentration and focus. Her insightful cues have helped me gain a precision to my work-out that has improved my overall performance.  Mary Ellen is an inspired teacher with a strong commitment to her clients growth and well-being.


We care about getting you results and understanding how you feel about the process. Please share your feedback with us.

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